Let's face it, flower girls steal the show. You never know what is going to happen when you send a little girl in a pretty dress down the aisle in front of an audience. She could bolt, she might dance, she may stop and talk to your guests, or she might pull off a perfect performance for the candy waiting at the front of the altar. In any case, if you were to poll the average wedding guest, you might find that the one of the highlights of the ceremony was the flower girl.


It was this unpredictable, animated dynamic that inspired the creation of Lille Couture.


Owner and designer of two successful bridal veil and accessories lines (Veil Trends/REVEL and J-Picone), Lille Couture designer, Jolene Picone, is no stranger to the bridal fashion world. After years of designing and crafting flower girl dresses for friends, family, and even her own flower girls, Jolene boldly launched Lille Couture in 2012.


The word "lille" (pronounced "lee-luh") means "little one" in Norwegian. Jolene was born and raised in a small town in northern Wisconsin, where the Norwegian heritage and culture were prominent, including in her own family.

Mix and match flower girl dresses. Tutu

About Lille Couture

Designer Jolene Picone with her 3 daughters + muses at the historic Highlands Ranch Mansion in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.  Lille Couture is proudly made in Colorado!

Our Team

Jolene Picone

Owner/Lead Designer

Alana Turnquist

Production Manager/Designer

Brianna Julius

Fulfillment Manager


Jordana Hoffman